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Sri Krishna Chaitanya Vidya Vihar


Bhavanipuram and Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


To rehabilitate and provide development opportunities for street children through education, health shelter, and vocational training programs.

Progress Report : April to October 1998

Bhavanipuram Program:

SKCV is operating a residential village school in Bhavanipuram. This program, housing 86 children, is being conducted in an effective and organized manner.


Fifty five children are attending the school which is managed and organized by SKCV. The program is also enabling 16 children in the age group of 16-20 years to attend colleges and technical institutes. Children will also be taking up the SSLC exam during the present academic year.

Vocational training and other facilities:

The residential school program is additionally providing the children with a platform where they can learn professionally beneficial skills in computers, screen printing and Desk Top Printing (DTP). It also has a well maintained library with a good collection of books and a well equipped gymnasium. The children are also being provided with practice oriented training in agriculture and dairying. The children have been given a small piece of land for cultivation for this purpose.

Damages suffered:

The month of October brought with it heavy showers and floods in the region. The gates of the Nagarjunasagar dam opened and this submerged the SKCV village. Consequently, the houses of the children were destroyed due to which the children have had to be shifted to the Santhosh Bhavan Night Shelter on a temporary basis. This center is catering to 70-80 children. During the rainy season this number is even higher.

Santhosh Bhavan also has a children's hospital which is equipped with 10 beds. The hospital has visiting doctors and a residential nurse. It has also set up a shelter and training center for girl street children. The center commenced functioning from last June and has twenty two children attending it.


The program is fulfilling its objective of rehabilitating and providing development opportunities for street children through education, health, shelter, and vocational training programs. And it is doing so by providing them with love and a home like atmosphere.

On the debit side, the financial management aspect of the program has to be strengthened, the process for which has already been initiated by CRY- Bangalore. Though financially the organization is faring all right, but they are looking at support for building a few permanent structures at SKCV village to house children.

Agenda of next visit:

a) Program evaluation, planning and budgeting for next year.
b) Financial review of current year.