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Noida, Uttar Pradesh


To provide love, food, education, health opportunities, clothes, shelter and a life of dignity to abandoned and orphaned children.

Project Report: April to October 1998

Bal Kutir has a total of 25 children (the uppermost limit as per license) at present, with the inclusion of two new children, and the transfer of one of the older girls to YWCA, Jaisingh Road. Except for one child, Akshay, aged 2 years, all others are attending the Bal Kutir School, SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN, from this academic session onwards. The two new children are:-

1.Shreya, aged 15 years, who was brought to Bal Kutir by one of the local residents. An adopted child, she was abandoned by her adoptive mother who remarried after her adoptive father's death. Shreya has adjusted well at the Bal Kutir and attends SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN regularly.

2. Mumtaz, aged 11 years, was brought to the Bal Kutir after the "poojari" of a local temple found her lying abandoned with head injuries. She was well cared for at Bal Kutir and upon her full recovery, was admitted to SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN, which she attends regularly. However, being illiterate, she's a bit slow in picking up her studies.

Basanti aged 15 1/2 or so, has been transferred to the YWCA Hostel in August. Being with small children all the time, she was more inclined to play rather than learn some vocation. It was felt that a new environment may make her realize the need to learn something and spend time more constructively.

Excursions/Outings - Apart from being involved in their daily activities, chores and revision of school lessons, the summer vacations were spent by the children planning and looking forward to their annual excursion, which however got considerably delayed due to lack of funds. However a timely donation saved the trip from being canceled. The children were taken on a 10 day trip to Vaishno Devi, the Bhakra-Nangal Dam and Nek Chand's Rock Garden, during the second half of June.

Another outing was a 2 day trip in August to Agra, to see the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. A local picnic was also organized in August itself to see the beautiful Lotus Temple near Nehru Place. All the trips and picnics were completely enjoyed by the children.

Vocational Training Centre (VTC)- SAIKRIPA's VTC is doing well. This time of the year is usually exceptionally busy, due to the festival season. The tailoring and candle making units are a hub of activity as are also the decoration of terra-cotta items, and the carpentry unit.

Other Major Supporters - Apart from CRY and CIF our major supporters. have been:-

1. American Express (India) Ltd. - who have arranged to set up a Computer Centre and an Electronic workshop in our school SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN.

2. Cornell Trading Company, Okhla - who are helping the school in setting up a library as well as science laboratories.

3. Ramakrishna Sarada Mission - who have provided various material objects for the children as well as for use in the Bal Kutir.

4. Aman Exports - who have been providing mineral water for the children since one year.

5. Very many well-wishers, who have spent time as well as provided support and blessings which SAIKRIPA will always cherish and be ever grateful for.


Though the present seems good SAIKRIPA is constantly worried about making the future of its children secure. It has expressed to CRY the following problems :

The first step in this direction is to get land for a permanent place for home BAL KUTIR as well as for the school, SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN. Relentless efforts in this direction have been made but without success so far. With the children at Bal Kutir as well as their needs growing in leaps and bounds, space at Bal Kutir is becoming a problem.

The present living quarters themselves are in a very poor condition with excessive seepage, leading to the plastering coming off. Serious water problems exist due to old, broken and rusted pipe lines through which even the sewage water gets mixed, making it dangerous for human consumption.

Another requirement is for a vehicle minibus, jeep or a car for the Bal Kutir, as well as if possible, a bus for the school,SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN.

SAIKRIPA has also requested CRY to help it to get land for the home - Bal Kutir, as well as for the school, SAI SHIKSHA SANSTHAN.

Review April to September'97

The last 6 months have been fairly eventful for Saikripa. There are a total of 24 children at the Bal Kutir of whom 18 are attending the Saikripa school at Vazidpur. Four children are undergoing vocational training and two are infants.

Three new children were brought to the centre by the local residents, however, they were all restored to their parents within a couple of days.

The income generating projects being undertaken at present which include tailoring are doing well. This is due to the festival season whereby the products can be sold through various `melas' (fairs) organized for `Pooja' and `Diwali'. This year orders were recieved for the products and those involved with the vocational centre have been busy. Saikripa has been making steady progress towards financial indpendence.

Rs. 1,41,120/- was disbursed to Saikripa in March for the period April to September'97.

Detailed Project Report
A volunteer's visit to SaiKripa