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Rachana Society for Social Reconstruction

Project Title :

Training and Rehabilitation Activities for school drop out girls (TARA)

Location : Pune Maharashtra


To work for the overall development of the girl child and women through education, health and vocational training programs.


Rachana has continued to work with school drop out girls under the Non Formal Education Program (NFE). NFE classes have been continued in 7 villages. This year some of the girls have changed from Maharashtra state curriculum to the National Open School Curriculum which has become available in Marathi from this year. The National Open School provided an opportunity for the girls to choose the subject that they are comfortable with. It also offers typing as a skill, opening an employment opportunity for girls.

About 130 girls are covered under the NFE program. During the second quarter, two villages covered last year, were dropped from the NFE program and two other villages were taken up. This happened as most girls in age group 10yrs-18yrs had been covered last year and had cleared either the MLL or the school exams.