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An Interview with Sri Nannagaru

(Here are some questions that may invite you to share your knowledge of the self)

Who are you? What is your role in this life ?

I am a lover of Humanity. My role in this life is to spread the spiritual knowledge and the eternal goodness.

∑ What is a Guru? Who is a Guru?

Guru - God - Self - all Same The outer guru helps you to turn the mind to where GOD is. The inner Guru pulls the mind into its source. The Guru brings the weakness in the mind to oneís attention. The Guruís grace gives you the strength to throw out the Vasanas (The tendencies of the mind). It is the Guruís duty to drag your bad habits out of you and to burn them. God know your habits and tendencies for God is within. Real Guru is true Self.

∑ Is it necessary to have a Guru on the path of awakening to oneís true Self?

A Guru is absolutely necessary on the path of awakening to oneís true Self.

∑ What is your teaching?

To awaken your true nature - True ĎIí - to realize ultimate truth, the truth that is always present in the heart. It was already there. Recognize what is already here - and now, what is always present.

∑ What effort can the disciple make?

To be absolutely in firm faith and unconditional surrender.

∑ I have heard you say, "Silence prepares the mind to see its source". Can you help me in this?

Silence is Best. Silence is Best. Silence is Best. Silence can also teach. Guruís silence prepares the discipleís mind to see its source. Seeing the source of mind, oneís true nature is revealed.

∑ How do you explain this Love that you evoke in the disciples?

I have extreme Love and affection towards the disciples to raise them above sorrow.

∑ Here we are gathered at the feet of Arunachala, the sacred mountain Ramana called Home/Shiva/The Self/The Guru, What is your relationship to Arunachala and to Ramana?

Arunachala and Ramana are the same. There is only one Iswara. Body bound "I" is not real "I". When you are attracted to Arunachala, whether you know it or not, Arunachala comes through unseen connection. This is a good attachment and helps one to live an ego-less life.

Those who are attracted by Arunachala shall get liberation through Arunachala. It is by Arunachalaís grace we are attracted to him. It is by the grace of Arunachala, the EGO is shattered and destroyed.

Ramana - I have extreme Love for Ramana. I did not see him in the physical body in this life. In 1957, HE came to me in a dream and kissed me on the right cheek and said, "This is enough for the time being".

Definitely I can say one thing, from my previous life there is some connection with HIM in Arunachala itself. I have a strong mental contact with him. I have great respect and reverence for him. Now and then, I think he is my nearest and dearest relative, the most intimate friend. HE gives me tender loving like the compassionate mother. He is my father, mother, Guru, God. He is everything for me. I love HIM. I live for HIM.

Ramana is walking Arunachala.

For about the last 30 years I have lived a Ramana-centered life. HIS life and teaching greatly influenced ME. Ramana helped me. He graced me to have glimpses of the truth.

∑ Ramanaís teaching was primarily Self-enquiry - Advaits Vedanta - and now, here it seems we are celebrating in Krishnaís garden with a form of Krishna - and his many beautiful gopis. What is the relationship of the path of Bhakti and the path of Self-enquiry?

Devotion is essential. Devotion is necessary to support the Self_enquiry. Enquiry without devotion is like sugarless coffee.

∑ What is happening in the Guruís glance of Grace? What do you see when you look in our eyes?

Guruís glance gives grace to you. Grace helps understanding which is essential to know the truth. Grace deepens understanding of True union. Guruís glance of grace is helping you get nearer and nearer to the truth of the heart. When I look in your eyes I see whatever you are. I see your true nature not the body mind complex. You are neither this body nor this mind.

∑ You speak of the necessity of controlling Ďmind and sensesí in order to know the truth within. Can you explain this to someone whose Western conditioning has been to explore and develop the mind and senses?

Practice Truth in everyday life. Clarity is most essential. Live an intelligent life, an ego-less life. Let your behavior be in accord with a compassionate heart. Donít lie. Donít cheat. Let go of envy and jealousy. Mercy, Goodness and kindness in your heart and supplimentaries to the spiritual enquiry into Truth

∑ It is written in your booklet, "The only worthwhile and true training is that which enables you to know who you are". To someone who has never come to India, who has never heard of gurus or sadhana, yet who earnestly desires to know the Truth of the Self, what do you suggest?

Simple Living, Clarity in thinking, Clarity in speech and action. A generous heart. Wisdom and compassion must be united. Whether eastern or western mind, right thinking must be practiced. Living truthfully everyday, whether one knows it or not, ultimately Truth reveals itself to oneself.

Beloved Master, in my understanding there is only one Truth, there is only one Guru and all I can say is Thank you for being here - in form, in this manifestation. And thank you for this opportunity to put such questions as these at your feet so that if you choose to respond and an interview happens, other friends may receive the "calling card" of the song of the One Heart. Papaji once said, "Ramana is that which dwells in the core of All Being, in the Heart of All That is". Whatever is thy will - it will be so! I thank you for this showering of Grace.

In Love & Gratitude,
Maha Laxmi

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