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A Hymn for Sri Nannagaru

Midsumer retreat 1998- Ashton Lodge,Dorset - 19/21 June 1998

(This poem is written by a disciple at one of the retreats in Dorset, London which Sri Nannagaru visited this summer. )

How quietly the time has passed by us
Since we first met on Friday's Eve,
Our Hearts are full now, with wonder
at the Loving we have received.

The Mind is like the noise of the traffic
or the bleating of Goats in the field
Bhagavan Whispered that we should surrender
but we too stubborn to yield.

As we sit here together in Silence
with only singing of birds
We know that the wisdom of Stillness
takes us deeper than ever can words

We feel Bhagavan’s Grace washing over us
and filling the room with his Peace
He tells us - "let go of all wanting
and your hearts will find perfect release"

The Guru may be in the body
or that That may have vanished to dust
But what is Supremely important
is giving him all of our trust.

Of Sadhana, spiritual practice
there care be no higher than this
Patiently bear every insult
and injuries humbly endure

Oh Lord what can we do to please you,
in gratitude for all of this
"Let go of the Mind and drop the small self
and so radiate Peace, Love and Bliss"

Oh Dearest Sri Nanna Garu
Please give us your Blessing and Grace
That our hearts may be filled with your sweetness
as mirrors of Sri Bhagavan’s Grace.

Last modified on May 23, 1998
Composed with care by: Krishna
Copyrights © Reserved, 1998